Fun Glam Party

Recommended for all ages

Pump the fun at your party with lots of dance and popular party engaging games. Why not turn down the light and turn up the fun with our party light show and by adding glow to your party in form of costumes or accessories such as necklaces, swords or bangles. A party guaranteed to be the hit on the block.

We have prepared some packages to save you cost and still give you that glam party.

Movie Party

Recommended for all ages

Light, camera, action! This party entertainment package will leave your child feeling like a real star. You can have a full movie party with food break and party games half way or you can choose the movie as an add on and show your child’s home video or favourite show during the party meal time. Yummy non-stop popping popcorn cart add-on or inclusive popcorn served to make the experience great for all kids or families. A guaranteed fun entertainment for any party.

Character Theatre Show Party

Recommended for up to age 12

Make your child’s party extra special by bringing their look alike TV stars live to their party to perform. Interactive theatre performance to engage and make the children smile will give you, your child, friend and families unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime. You can make a party of it or as an add on while kids break for party meal and watch the live performance on stage. Full of fun. A sure hit at any party.

Spa /Fashionista Party

Recommended for age 8 and above

Your little divas will indulge in glam mocktails and spa-licious experience such as spa-tacular manicure and pedicure while catching upon the latest fashion trends. Dressed in spa robes and relaxed with age appropriate magazines, your divine divas will enjoy a choice of temporary tattoo or face painting. After the spectacular spa experience, the divas can choose from a selection of costumes and accessories provided, then walk down the runway for a glam fashion show with lights, music and camera. The party also includes group photos like the other parties with music and dancing.

Proms, Chriestening, Baby Shower, Weddings and other Teens and Adult party

Recommended for all ages - Families, Teens & Adults

We tailor each entertainment to suit the party style and theme. Choose from a wide selection of entertainment to suit your party. We offer wide range of entertainment depending on the type of party from comedian, professional dancers, caricature artists, bouncy castles, cocktail artists, bands, MCs to DJs. We recommend suitable form of entertainment for your event and package.

Your Entertainment/ Bespoke

Recommended for all ages

Why not host an exclusive posh party. Tell us the tone you want to set, choice of entertainment and we will take care of the rest. Posh exclusive party for you and your guests. We’ll even take care of your children and those of your guests in a separate room at the venue or at a private home if you want a child free party leaving you to enjoy the party and not to worry about child care. All your guests can pick up their entertained children from the same location after the party. Minimum number of guest for this party is two.

Art & Craft Party

Recommended for up to age 10

Kids can make their own party hats, finger puppet origami or even decorate their own party favour bag. Kids and Glam offer a wide variety of art and craft materials for kids to use their imaginations to create favors to take home. Make your next child’s party entertaining and fun with a creative and imaginative party.

Best of Both World

Recommended for all ages

Why not mix and match the types of entertainment at your party. Have a variety of entertainment for your party. You can have disco with fantastic light display, party games, dance routines with short movie to calm the party excitement and put smile to children faces while they eat their party meal. You can now have as much fun as you desire at your party. Make it that spectacular glam party.

Our events can be really unique representations of your personality. No matter what your budget is, we can transform your event in a massive variety of styles, colours, and themes, making it impossible for you not to find something that suits your taste. We know your guests will be massively impressed. We have taken time and effort over your event theme and it’s that wow factor we pride ourselves in. You can discuss with us what aspects of your personality you want to shine through, and the inspiration will come very easily. If you find a similar price to any of our stock, we will price match.